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Termin: Freitag, 05. Mai 2017 16:00 - 22:00 und Samstag, 06. Mai 2017 10:00 - 16:00

Ort: LIK Akademie für Foto und Design, 1070 Wien

Kosten: Euro 590.-

Thema: BLACK & WHITE - A World Without Colours - Das Seminar ist in spanischer Sprache und wird auf Deutsch übersetzt.

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Foto: © Guillermo De Angelis. "Nap". Courtesy Artemisia Art Gallery

Guillermo De Angelis (1974)

Nachdem Guillermo De Angelis, Architektur, Philosophie und Design studierte hat er seine Arbeit der Fotografie gewidmet. Aber jedes der Studien hat seine Spuren hinterlassen: das Design, die Farben, die Zusammensetzung, die bildenden Künste die Architektur, Raum, Abstraktion und Philosophie.

Er kombiniert dies alles in seiner Fotografie! Guillermo De Angelis ist auf der Suche nach Feinheit in jedem seiner Bilder.

Minimalistische Fotografien, auf Schwarz und Weiß reduziert. Die Zusammensetzung seiner Bilder ist immer quadratisch und ausgewogen oft gibt es ein zentrales Element. Dieses überschattet trotz seiner wichtigsten Position die anderen Elemente der Fotografie nicht. Auch spielt der Horizont eine wichtige Rolle in vielen seiner Werke. Manchmal ist es der hohe Horizont, der uns einlädt, weit zu reisen. Ein anderer Mal ist der Horizont ganz in der Nähe, mächtig in Szene gesetzt. Fast nie aber gibt es in den Fotografien von Guillermo de Angelis einen Horizont in der Mitte. Immer aber spielt der Horizont eine bedeutsame Rolle.

Ein weiteres Merkmal ihrer Bilder sind die Bildtitel, die Guillermo De Angelis jedem seiner Werke gibt. Der Künstler entscheidet sich dazu bewußt und es sind keine Zufälligkeiten. In den Namen aller seiner Werke spiegelt sich das Gefühl, welche das Foto erzeugt.

Guillermo De Angelis komponiert fotografische Serien. Jede Serie besteht aus 12 und 15 Fotos.

Seine Werke wurden in Japan, den USA, Mexiko, Argentinien, Österreich ausgestellt.

Weitere Informationen über seine Arbeit: /

Cristina Requena Villalba

Vertreter von Guillermo de Angelis

Artemisia-Kunst-Galerie, Kunst & Tendències (Barcelona - Spanien)

Artemisia, Kunst & Tendències

CR. Sant Ponç, 65 de Corró Avall – Les Franqueses del Vallès (Barcelona) · +34 617 23 10 23 


After to study Architecture, Philosophy and Design Guillermo De Angelis dedicates his work to Photography. However, each of the studies marked his career as a photographer: the design approached him to the colors, composition and fine arts; the architecture to the context, space, abstraction; and philosophy, how to combine all of the above.

Minimalist photographs, black and white environments where the absence of beings, results in a space of freedom: the viewer is free to stop in front of the scene and dialogue with it, or get lost in their own reverie.

Guillermo De Angelis looking for subtlety in each of his images. More concerned with the composition than the technology, economy of resources is “trade mark” in each of his works. De Angelis seeks to capture scenes that allow suggest, insinuate and perhaps cause some kind of cogitation in the viewer to take him a little further from the mere aesthetic experience.

The composition of his images, always square and balanced, which often reflect a central element that despite its main position, do not overshadows the others elements remaining on the photography. Also, a latent horizon starring many of his works. Sometimes, a high horizon that invites us to travel far. Others, a horizon very near that makes us enter fully into the scene. Almost never a horizon in the middle. Always, however, a significant horizon.

Another feature of their images are the names that Guillermo De Angelis entitled each of his works. The artist leaves no random reasons and the name of each of his works is a reflection of the feeling of the obtained image.

Under the guise of a poetic picture in which the viewer can interpret and feel freely, the meticulous work of a photographer who persistently seeks beauty, and seeking to offer the viewer, against each of his photographs, enjoy a break, but not as an escape, but rather as a strategy to not decay and a way to claim the beauty around us that often goes unnoticed.

Guillermo De Angelis works by composing photographic series based on a specific intention, an artistic concept. Every series are among 12 and 15 photos. Haikus, Absences, One, Allusions, Here and now, are some of their projects.

His work has been exhibited in Japan, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Austria and Spain.

More information about his work: …….

Foto: Guillermo De Angelis


Absence and photography

From Latin absentia, Absens participle derived from the verb abesse. A compound of esse (be) with the prefix ab (remoteness). The word "essence" has shares the same root. Absence - essence. The music of absence despite being. The soul of the things. Silence. It is a pretense. It represents an incomplete "reality" which gives a site to the spectator, including him. Seeking the identification by means of nostalgia or eagerness, as Hersson Piratoba said, "generating memories even without having experienced them." 


"Study and learn as much as possible to, then respect or transgress norms, but never ignore them.”

Guillermo De Angelis


 Catarsys by Guillermo de Angelis

Catarsys by Guillermo de Angelis

 Allegorie by Guillermo de Angelis

Allegorie by Guillermo de Angelis

Foto: Guillermo De Angelis


"There is nothing worse than the clear image of a diffuse concept.” A. Adams.

Somewhere in this frantic race for approval, everyone has stopped interpreting the world to just look at it, a look without a personal point of view.

"Seeing", beyond to look, involves experimenting, hesitating, stuttering. The objective is to develop a personal discourse, a language developed on the basis of it and the experience of its own creation.

I think that the origin of the artistic expression comes from oneself and from its projection on reality. That is why you will try to understand why you take photos and from which site. This emotional part is substantial for a job to captivate. It is the place where one builds his own language to tell the visual findings that he reveals in a emotional journey. This is the origin of good images.


"It is assumed that the greatest contribution you can make as an artist, taking the reality lived in perspective, is your personal "view" radically poetic in the scenery of spaces, absent of people. In this sense, the photographic work of Guillermo de Angelis is paradigmatic. The camera lens is pure subjectivity in terms of that his "view" is the conceptual and essential character of his poetic account about the "unreal", as it should be, and as should do a visual poet."  

Luis Eduardo Aute: (Manila, 1943) Musician, singer, film director, actor, sculptor, writer, painter and spanish poet.

“(…) Special attention deserve the names with which Guillermo De Angelis entitles each of his works. It is there, right in that detail, when I realize that the artist leaves no reason at random. And under the appearance of a bucolic and poetic picture where the viewer is able to play and feel freely, there is the meticulous work of a photographer in the relentless pursuit of beauty.” 

Cristina Requena: Art consultant and director of Artemisia , Art & Tendències’ Art Gallery.

“In the tradition of Haiku, a type of traditional Japanese poem, we can catch a glimpse of reality and truth just in the limited words with the framework of five, seven, and five syllables. If we don’t doubt that art is a struggle to present the unity between the concrete and the abstract, we can find a number of excellent examples in haikus. If you want to seek for the harmony between the physical and the metaphysical, I recommend you should enter the world of Guillermo De Angelis.” 

Takuma Yoshikura: Director of GALLERY IND. gallery representative in Japan.

“Guillermo is one of the most engaged and productive artist I have ever had the pleasure to connect with via the ubiquitous format of the internet. Guillermo IS our primary artist through our gallery, constantly producing ever more stunning work, always engaged and ready to take artistic risks, ready to continue with his personal vision that is emotionally powerful. I often feel disconnected with Guillermo, but only due to geographical and language barriers. We have spoken many times, and neither of us could understand what we were saying, yet we are in tune with the magical realm of fine art photography, Guillermo's vision is magical, it cannot be ignored. It is a great privilege to support Guillermo's work through our humble efforts, it is our gift from him to us, his inspiring art and persistent vision.” 

Pierre Dutertre: President, creator and co-founder in United Photographic Artists Gallery, Tampa, USA.

“Who are you, If you asked if I've personally met Guillermo De Angelis, the answer is no. If you were to ask if I know Guillermo my reply would be perhaps differently than most. Often I've wondered when I view his photography are others just as emotionally moved with his subjects? Are you paying attention to this depth accepting the emotions of isolation and details of focus? The absence and stillness? I imagine Guillermo walking solo, quietly looking searching, continually reaching as we have discussed. His power is in his passion of each piece produced.” 

Monica M. Gioeli: Art Design Product Service, Studio 33 Design Concepts Architectural Design.

“Having worked as an architect, designer  and design and studied philosophy,  Guillermo De Angelis immersed himself into photography and discovered that was his primary passion where his viewers could tell immediately this fact. His enthusiasm and profound interest in photography is clearly transparent to his fans and is his main force of energy renewed each day that drives him to create extraordinary artwork. Guillermo De Angelis is discovering the within while focusing on details that touch him  to get the expression through  the economy of resources. His expressive photos purely speak loudly to the souls and need no further explanation. Guillermo De Angelis has exhibited worldwide and continue his passion to expand himself and keep on producing inventive body of work impressing his fans and collectors.” 

Mona Youssef, B.F.A.: Canadian Fine Artist, Mona Youssef Gallery.




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